Who We Are

Hey you!

We are an Indian blog focusing on helping you make the most of your weekends, and occasionally, your annual leaves.

So what’s special about us?

We don’t backpack. Not any more anyway. We’ve got good jobs like you, and we look for comfortable hotels with soft beds on our trips. We don’t make apologies for it because we have been there, done that, roughed it out and everything, but now we are at that stage where a comfortable bed and the morning tea matter to us. No more shared bathrooms and lunching on a packet of Lay’s for us, thank you! We used to travel by buses and trains earlier, but now, for weekend trips at least, there’s our trusted Honda City. We love our comfort, did we say that already?

From running our own travel business so writing Lonely Planet guidebooks, travel brought us together, and travel keeps us from turning stale even when our day jobs drive us crazy. We ache to get out, and get out we do, come Saturdays. So on this blog, you will find out about all our weekend getaways from Bangalore (because that’s where we live) and occasionally, about exciting destinations further afield when we go on our annual holidays.

Leave us questions, leave us comments. We’d love to hear from you! And we’ll respond whenever we can!